TTR 200 Large


Modell: TTR 200 Large
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Included in the all-inclusive package:

- Spectacle lenses in your individual prescription
- Antireflex coating - For best viewing comfort
- Hardcoating - For increased scratch resistance
- UV protection
- Clean coating - For improved soil release
- Hard Case with Microfiber cloth

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You can order these glasses with prescription lenses.


In the swabian town of Muehlacker engineers, sports opticians,athletes and practised spectacle designers jointly developed thePerformer TTR - with idealism, know-how and creativity and thetarget to create perfect sports glasses.
The basic element of the Performer TTR design is a plain butfunctional, clearly and most attractively designed lintel made ofEMS Grilamid TR 90.

This design meets every demand regarding strength, flexibility,safety and mounting mechanisms for the joining partswhile observing the basic principle of unobtrusive, dynamic elegance.The central ventilation slot is a functional detail thatmakes the front look light and at the same time spares weight.Matt finish, partly with light metallic lustre gives the front a perfectlook.

The dynamic lens design with a 65 mm radius of curvature isunobtrusive and universal. Shape and size provide a maximumvisual field, maximum protection against wind and particles aswell as sufficient ventilation that can still be improved with optionalventilation slots.
Grilamid TR90 and titanium mesh visibly at the hinge that connectsfront and temples by means of a robust titanium socketheadscrew, and a small, barely visible gap permits steplessindividual adjustment of temple inclination. Brushed finish of thevisible titanium elements, temple tips in matt finish and the perfectlyintegrated Performer logo speak a clear design language:premium quality at its best.

The temples, fabricated of a combination of titanium and silicone,are slim and lightweight, carrying on the front design. Slender,raked-back shape and high temple mounting prevent blind angles.Front and temple colours match perfectly. Optional TTRCompetition temple tips give an individual and particularly dynamictouch. Matt black TTR storage case with magnetic lock orTTR microfiber bag with contrasting elements complete the TTRdesign line.

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