Delivery times

Delivery times

How long does manufacturing take for new glasses/sunglasses?

Our delivery times are dependent on the ordered product and set up as follows:

Contact lenses, care products, cosmetics, reading glasses:

Ready to ship in 2-5 days

Glasses with single vision lenses (made):

Ready to ship in 4-10 days

Glasses with bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, or mid distance lenses (made):

Ready to ship in 8-16 days

Glasses with strongly curved glass - for example Sports glasses (made):

Ready to ship in 10-16 days

Lenses (made):

For lenses, including familiarization with your existing glasses, the above delivery times are valid for glasses with lenses from the appropriate input your glasses in our house.

The production of glasses containing:

  • Production of the lenses
  • Individual edging of the lenses
  • Fit into the frame
  • Final quality control