Care of your glasses

Care of your glasses

In order to keep your glasses protected against scratches for a long time, they need gentle cleaning and optimum care. When out and about you can give your glasses a dry cleaning with a soft microfiber cloth. This smooths dust and light impurities and easily removes them from your lenses.

For cleaning your glasses, use no materials that could damage your lenses.

Plastic lenses are particularly susceptible to scratches. Lenses made of glass or plastic coating could likewise be damaged by using hard materials.

Never clean your lenses with paper handkerchiefs, your jumper sleeves or your t-shirt.

Damp towels are also not optimum for cleaning glasses as they could damage coated lenses.

Scratches that only appear due to incorrect care cannot be removed, even by grinding.

Scratches make your lenses blurred. This hinders your sight and these flaws also look untidy.