General terms and conditions (AGB)

General terms and conditions (AGB), EYE-NET e.K., Ferdinand-Maria-Str. 23 1/2, 85051 Ingolstadt, Deutschland Published 29st January 2019

1. Prices/terms of payment

The prices plus shipping costs shown at the time the order is placed apply. All prices are given in EURO and include the additional VAT, which is currently 19%. We expect your payment within 7 working days. For this, please note the duration of the transfer credit note of around 2 to 4 working days. The goods remain the property of EYE-NET Vertrieb Ltd. until completion of payment.

2. Delivery times

In our company, we put great importance on very quick and very reliable delivery of your order. Therefore handover to the parcel service takes place at the latest 6 days after receipt of payment, and at the latest 14 days after receipt of payment for custom-made products (individually manufactured lenses and glasses). You will receive a confirmation of shipment by email. If, as an exception, handover to the parcel service is delayed, we will of course inform you of this.

3. Shipping costs

The relevant shipping costs are taken from the article description. The transport company contracted by us attempts to deliver the product three times in each case before returning the product to us. If a delivery to the address provided by you fails due to incorrect data provided or similar, the shipping costs must be paid again. We therefore recommend providing an address to which delivery is possible (e.g. your work place).

4. Right to revocation/revocation policy/consequences of revocation

Right to revocation

You may revoke your contractual declaration within 14 days without giving a reason; this can be in written form (e. g. letter, fax or email) or, if the item is conveyed to you before the deadline, by returning the item. The term begins after receipt of this instruction in text form but not before the recipient receives the goods (in case of recurring deliveries of the same type of goods not before receiving the first partial delivery) and not before we have met our information duties and other duties in accordance with article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 of the Introductory Act to the German Civil Code (EGBGB) and our duties in accordance with § 312e paragraph 1 sentence 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB) in conjunction with article 246 § 3 EGBGB. In order to ensure that revocation takes place within the term, send the revocation or the item punctually.

The revocation should be sent to:

Vertretungsberechtigter/Director: Karl-Heinz Müller
Ferdinand-Maria-Str. 23 1/2
85051 Ingolstadt
Fax: (+49) 841 951 989 43

Consequences of revocation

In the event of effective withdrawal any mutually received services are to be refunded and possible benefits derived (e.g. interest) to be returned. Should you not be able to return the goods or only return them partially or in a deteriorated condition then you will be obligated to provide a value replacement. In the case of goods surrendered this does not apply if the deterioration of the goods is brought about solely by their inspection, such as would have been possible for you e.g. in a retail shop. For deterioration brought about by the usual use of the item, you do not need to provide compensation.

Goods that can be sent by parcel post should be returned to us at our risk. You must bear the cost of returning if the delivered goods are in conformity with those ordered and if the price of the items returned does not exceed an amount of 40 euros or if in the case of a higher price of the goods at the time of revocation you have not yet performed the return service or any partial payment. Please note that we do not accept any deliveries that are not prepaid! Otherwise, returning items is free of charge for you. You are reimbursed for postage. Items that cannot be sent by parcel post are collected from you. Obligations for reimbursing payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The term begins for you when you send your declaration of revocation or the item, and for us when we receive that declaration.

There is no right to revocation in the case of delivery of goods manufactured to customer specifications or clearly tailored to the personal needs of the purchaser (e.g. glasses including individually customised lenses).

End of revocation policy

5. Health guidelines

You already wear contact lenses and are very familiar with the handling and care of these. You undertake regular check-ups at the optician to avoid injuries to the eyes. Neither by a master optician nor an ophthalmologist has discouraged you from wearing contact lenses The contact lens data you provide agrees with the information resulting from a fitting carried out by a master optician or ophthalmologist and is not older than 12 months. EYE-NET Vertrieb Ltd. is not responsible for you using and handling contact lenses and maintenance products ordered with us incorrectly (see disclaimer of liability).

6. Health notice

When wearing contact lenses, regular checks with a contact lens specialist are necessary. Only he can offer you optimal advice regarding your personal requirements following a thorough examination. We recommend getting this done every 6 months. Only order contact lenses that have been selected as appropriate for you by your contact lens specialist, and the parameters of which you are familiar with. Please also co-ordinate every change of type of lens with your contact lens specialist. Please heed your contact lens specialist's cleaning advice. It is not permitted to exceed the wearing times given in the appendix to the packaging. The period starts specifically with opening the sterile contact lens blister, independent of the actual wear time. Exceeding the wear time recommended by manufacturer is associated with a lack of oxygen to the cornea, resulting in irreversible damage. So please don't just try to save a few euros in the short run. The consequences are immeasurable.

7. Disclaimer of liability

We shall assume no warranty for damage to be put down to unsuitable or improper use, non-observance of guidance on use or incorrect or negligent treatment (see confirmation as contact lens wearer and health notice).

8. Product depictions

The product depictions may in individual cases differ from the appearance of the delivered products.

9. Data protection

All addresses and order data are stored by us only for the purpose of completion of contract and in order to give you access to your personal shopping area. Your personal information is of course not passed on or sold to third parties.

10. Place of fulfilment/jurisdiction for traders

In business transactions with traders, the place of fulfilment for delivery and payment is our place of business Ingolstadt. Furthermore, in business transactions with traders Ingolstadt is agreed as the place of jurisdiction for all suits arising from this contract; we are also entitled to file a suit at the place of business of the purchaser.

11. Legal information

German branch:
Ferdinand-Maria-Str. 23 1/2
85051 Ingolstadt

Authorised representative/director:

Karl-Heinz Müller
Tel: (+49) 841 951 989 44
Fax: (+49) 841 951 989 43
VAT ID.: DE248916051